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Enrollment - Short Courses

Short courses are condensed format classes that offer an alternative schedule with enhanced flexibility. However, students should discuss short course options with an adviser. It’s very important that the type of subject and the length of a given course fits a student’s learning style.

Arts & Sciences Outreach offers many face-to-face short courses in the A&S subject areas. List of upcoming short courses.


Short course enrollment is done via ‘add’ card at the Registrar’s Office. Electronic enrollment (SIS) is not always supported.

The time commitment for a short course can be very intense, both in and outside of class.

Drop deadlines for a short course come up quickly. Be sure to know the drop deadlines for your class! Short course drop and add dates are listed on the Registrar’s website:

Intersession Courses

Intersession classes (courses held between semesters) are a great way to complete credit hours before a semester even starts. Students may wish to take advantage of the opportunity lighten a semester’s course load by completing a class before the term starts. However, it’s important to remember that intersession courses are graded with the complete term. (for example, August intersession classes are graded and transcripted in December, even when all coursework is completed in August).

For more information about short courses, please contact Christine Nichols


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