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FAQs about developing Travel Courses

Do I need to go through Outreach or my department to offer a travel course?

Yes. All travel courses need to have OUTE sections, which go through Outreach to send for approval. Also, we are the designated users for OSU’s Abroad system, which tracks each course and all participants and is required for any traveling students to be logged in to.


When should I begin working
on an International Travel Course?

Approximately  1 1/2 to 2 years in advance.

When are Proposal Forms due?

Course Proposal forms should be submitted no later than May 1st for the following year. It can take a few months for courses to be approved, and to work with international hotels or agencies and get all of the paperwork completed for OSU approval of funds.

Do I need to know all costs
for the program up front?

No. The program coordinator will help create a
budget based on the needs of the course to be successful. However, you will need to provide an estimate of any hotel/university/tour company that you use, to determine a cost along with the course approval form.
Providing those costs ahead of time will help speed up the approval process.

Is an International Travel Course automatically an “I” credit?

No. The “I” designation must be approved by the university. If the course has not been approved for "I" credit, the instructor will need to apply for it. The committee that approves these credits only meet a few times during the year, so it is important to submit the paperwork early to avoid delays getting your course approved.

I have a country in mind where I’d like to go, but I have never taken students overseas. Where do I begin?

You are welcome to contact Arts and Sciences Outreach, for basic information on the types of programs that are taken overseas, as well as some possible ideas for how to go about creating a program. Also, we have several experienced instructors who you can contact with more information on the types of concerns and things to watch for when taking students overseas. OSU has safety guidelines for traveling abroad that will be provided if you teach an international travel course.

Do the students go online to enroll, or speak with their advisor?

A student can only enroll by speaking with the study abroad coordinator in Arts and Sciences Outreach. All enrollment and tuition and fees for these courses is taken care of through Outreach. However, they should always check with their academic advisor to make certain that the course will fit into their degree plan.

Do I need to file a travel request for my travel through my department?

No. A&S Outreach will file this for you once the enrollment has met the minimum required number of students for your course to go. Outreach can also take care of the details of your airfare, etc.

How many students can I take overseas?

OSU is working on guidelines for this now, but currently we don’t recommend more than 10-12 per instructor.

Do I need to travel with someone else helping to coordinate the course?

OSU is recommending that there always be two instructors, or one instructor and one coordinator, on each course. Right now, they recommend both parties be employed by OSU, so they are covered by OSU liability insurance. The guidelines may change in the future, but for now it would be best to have at least one other instructor, staff member, TA, or employed coordinator along with you.

Am I responsible for the safety of these students while traveling abroad?

Each participant in the course will have signed a Rights and Responsibilities form, which instructs them how they are traveling with OSU and must conduct themselves as OSU students. They also sign a Risk and Assumption form, in which they take responsibility for their safety and health, and don’t hold OSU or its employees liable. They also will watch safety orientation videos that are very thorough about traveling abroad. That being said, our instructors/coordinators should do their best to be with the group and make them aware of any precautions they should look out for to be safe. Also each instructor will be given the OSU Emergency Response Guide so they can contact OSU and or OSU/Police if something happens.

If you have further questions about developing a travel course, please contact Shane O'Mealey


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