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Developing Study Abroad/Travel Courses

studentondunesTimeline for developing Travel Courses

1.5 years prior to travel

  • Speak with CAS Outreach about the
    Study Abroad process.
  • Develop and research ideas/locations/contacts
    for a Study Abroad course.

1 year prior to travel

  • Turn in Course Proposal form (before May 1).
  • Work with CAS Outreach on creating the
    course approval/budgets.
  • Courses go through approval process. 
  • Prepare advertising.

1/2 year prior to travel (usually fall semester)

  • Advertise to students through class, interest
    meetings, flIers, etc.
  • Speak with CAS Outreach advertising and
    promotion support.
  • Students enroll in courses via CAS Outreach.

Travel Semester (usually spring or summer) 

  • Orientation meetings with students.
  • Student must have completed all safety forms and materials.
  • Finalize any arrangements for travel (such as flight, etc.) Travel on an educational and edifying trip, teach a course, and enjoy!

Overview of the process and support provided to faculty

Arts and Sciences Outreach will help facilitate instructors who wish to provide an International Travel Course overseas for credit. Instructors should get intitial approval from their department heads, determine the country and destination that they wish to go, along with any facilities, contacts, universities, or tour agencies to be utilized for the course. Once Outreach is provided with this information, Outreach staff will work with these entities, either through a travel agency or the tour company itself, and handle any financial logistics that need to be approved by OSU. When instructors are ready to contact Outreach about setting up the course, they should have a detailed plan for course destinations and accommodations completed. If needed, Outreach coordinator may provide information and ideas regarding outside educational tour vendors that can help the instructor put together a successful international course.

Instructors must turn in an Outreach Travel Course Proposal form, and once received, Outreach will work with the instructor to create a course approval form and a budget form, which will determine the costs and needs of the course, and what students will have to pay to the university. Since the goal is to provide quality, culturally significant travel course opportunities at the most reasonable prices possible, the Outreach Coordinator will work with the instructor to develop the most cost-efficient budget.

The CAS Outreach office will send through the approvals, list the courses in the OSU Terra Dotta Study Abroad system, enroll and advise students, track if students have completed all steps necessary to travel, including rights and responsibilities, assumption of risks, travel insurance, enrollment, travel and safety orientation videos, and other travel logistics. Outreach will also handle air travel reservations or reimbursements, travel vouchers for instructors, invoices and payments, and payment of salary based on the international supplemental course pay scale.

A&S Outreach will help facilitate the advertising and promotion of travel courses, such as fliers, website, social media, posters, and information sessions on campus. However, instructors are expected to advertise and promote their classes to students, in addition to the marketing support provided by Outreach. In addition to information online and fliers, students tend to find out about the travel courses more from their instructors during class, or word of mouth from a friend. Successful courses depend on the instructor’s ability to get the word out to students.

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