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FAQs about developing Online Courses

When do I receive instruction pay?

Instructors are paid at the end of the semester that the course is offered.

When do I receive a development fee?

A development fee is paid when a new course is being developed online. The stipend is $1000/credit hour to a maximum of $3,000 (one-half paid at the end of the first semester the course is offered and the remainder after the third offering.

When do you need my book order?

September 15 for spring semester and February 15 for summer/fall semesters.

When do you need to know if my online course requires a proctor/testing center?

Three weeks prior to the semester beginning. If proctored exams are required we need the following information:

    • Exam dates.
    • Type of exam, such as multiple choice, essay, etc.
    • Time allowed to students to take the exam.

When will I lose access to my online course?

Faculty will always have access to their courses as long as they are hosted on the online classroom server.
Adjuncts have access along as they are on payroll. Most usually there will be a break in between semesters.

If you have further questions about developing a travel course, please contact Angie Kelly


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