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Developing Online Courses


New Course Proposal Deadlines:

  • To propose a course for Spring 2019, course proposals
    should be submitted by March 15, 2018.
  • To propose a course for Summer/Fall 2019, course proposals
    should be submitted by September 15, 2018.

Exceptions to the above deadlines may be considered; however,
there is no guarantee that a course will be approved and adequately promoted when proposed after the deadline.

Proposal Guidelines:

Tenure-track, tenured and clinical faculty will first need to receive approval from his/her Department Head on the proposed course. Then, complete a Faculty Letter of Agreement form. Non-permanent faculty, including adjuncts, teaching assistants and staff must also receive approval from the Department Head on the proposed course. Then, complete a NonFaculty Letter of Agreement Form. Instructor and Department Head signatures are required. The faculty developer agrees to offer the course at least three times within three years from the completion of development. After the Letter of Agreement form is completed and received, the following information is needed to complete a Course Approval form, which will be sent to the instructor for signatures:

    • Number of Credit Hours
    • Course Start Date
    • Course End Date
    • Minimum Enrollment
    • Maximum Enrollment

Outreach requires a syllabus 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Syllabi should be emailed to

Course Development Assistance:

Attend POI (Preparing Online for Instructor) training at ITLE prior to the semester you will be teaching. POI is a 6-week online training. Enroll early at or call 405-744-1000. This training is required for new online instructors in order to receive the development stipend. The stipend is $1000/credit hour to a maximum of $3,000 (one-half paid at the end of the first semester the course is offered and the remainder after the third offering.


The payment plan for 2015-2016 is based on 3-credit-hour lecture classes, size of enrollment and faculty salary. Classes with fewer than the minimum number of students will not be offered without special approval from the dean's office.

Promotional Support:

Outreach posts an online course listing on the bulletin boards campus wide, online and notifies all of the advisors. Instructors can ensure increased enrollement by helping to promote their courses, as well.

Tech Support:

ITLE has a great Faculty D2L support team that’s always willing to help. Call 405-744-1000 or email The Help Desk is another resource and can be reached at 405-744-4357.

Frequently Asked Questions

 For more information about developing an online course, please contact Angie Kelly


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