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FAQs about Community Education programs

Why do non-credit programs have a registration fee?

Wouldn’t the courses be more successful if they were free?

These programs do not have an endowment or other alternative funding. They are required to be self-sufficient, and as such, registration fees are required.

Who decides what non-credit program can be taught, and by whom?

All programs, non-credit or otherwise, require the approval of the Department Head in the subject area. In most cases, the faculty or staff member contacts the Outreach Office with a desire to offer a non-credit program. In other cases, when the Outreach staff is aware of a need for a non-credit program within the community, they may recruit a faculty member to offer a class.

If I teach a non-credit course, how much will I get paid?

It depends on the program and the enrollment. The registration fee is designed to cover the instructor’s salary and administrative expenses of the course.

If you have further questions about community education programs, please contact Christine Nichols


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