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NOTE: All online courses through OSU/A&S Outreach have specific beginning and ending dates, as well as deadlines for assignments and exams. You MUST log in during the first day or two of classes and check the syllabus about the schedule for your course.


For a complete list of Undergraduate and Graduate online credit courses, go to the OCampus website. Click on "online courses." Then click on "Online Course Catalog" (on the gray ribbon).


The Registrar's Office posts an up-to-date academic calendar with drop deadlines, official holidays and semester breaks.


How do I register for an A&S Outreach online credit course?(TOP)
Beginning with Fall 2010:
Currently enrolled OSU students must enroll on SIS.

If you are not a currently enrolled OSU student, you must apply for admission before you can register for courses. Once you are accepted as an OSU student, go to the Okey page, to get your ID and create a password. After that, you can log in on SIS and register for your online class.


How do I know I am registered for my online course?
Go to SIS and check your schedule. We do not send emails or notify you in any other way. It is your responsibility to check this.


When will my online credit courses start and end?(TOP)
All courses are concurrent with the standard OSU semester schedule unless otherwise noted. The website for the OSU Registrar lists dates and deadlines, including the deadlines for dropping a course, for the current semester.


How do I drop an A&S Outreach online credit course?(TOP)
After the close of open enrollment period, you MUST notify A&S Outreach in writing to drop an online credit course.


Deadlines for dropping courses can be found at the website for the OSU Registrar.


Before classes start, and during the open enrollment period (when you can drop/add with 100% refund), you may drop your course on SIS - just as you do for other courses.


After the end of the open enrollment period, contact your advisor to drop or add courses.


What if I forgot to drop my online credit course until it was past the deadline? What do I do then?
OSU has a process you may follow. Complete a Petition to Drop a Course After the Deadline. Instructions are included. You will need to take the completed petition to your advisor as a first step. Your advisor will tell you what needs to be done next. Note: Simply forgetting the deadline is not considered an excuse. You must submit proof of extraordinary circumstances.


How much does an online credit course offered through A&S Outreach cost? What fees are involved?
Beginning with the Fall 2010 semester, students taking online courses at OSU will be charged standard OSU tuition and fees, plus a $75/cr.hr. distance learning fee. Students who are only taking distance learning courses (no courses on campus) may not be charged some student activity fees equivalent to $27/cr.hr.


Tuition is subject to change without notice.


How will I be billed for the course?(TOP)
All courses are billed to your OSU Bursar account.


What if I get tuition waivers or have a scholarship? Will they pay for my online credit courses?(TOP)
Most scholarship programs and waiver programs will pay for distance learning courses. To be sure, check with the financial aid office (405-744-6604).


If I drop a course after the final refund period, can I still get a refund?(TOP)
As a general rule, NO. If you believe you have extraordinary circumstances, you may complete and file a Petition to Request a Refund After Deadline. You must submit proof of the extraordinary circumstances. Again, simply forgetting the deadline is not an acceptable reason for a refund.


What textbooks do I need?(TOP)
Textbook information is detailed with the individual courses on the OCampus site. To be absolutely certain that the information and edition are correct, please check with A&S Outreach or the instructor if you are ordering books online from a commercial seller rather than using the OSU Bookstore.


Where can I get my books?
You may purchase textbooks from any bookstore or online textbook source. Feel free to go wherever you find the lowest prices. You can call the OSU Bookstore at 405-744-5237 (or 800-831-4698) and request books to be shipped to you. MUSI 2573, POLS 1113, SPAN 1115 and SPAN 1225 require purchase of an access code in addition to your text, or in place of a text. You may purchase it at the OSU bookstore, or directly from the publisher. Information about that is available at the textbooks links above.


If my course requires a proctor/testing center for exams, how do I find one?
First, you may not need a proctor. The course information at OCampus lists the requirements for exams. If you need a proctor or testing center, you MUST complete a Proctor Agreement form and return it to our office. To determine who is qualified to act as a proctor, please reader the Proctor Qualifications.


If a testing center is required, on-campus students may use Independent Study testing center in 309 Wes Watkins Center. Telephone 405-744-6390 4-5 days before the exam to schedule an appointment. The fee for this service is $12/test and it will be charged to your Bursar account. Off-campus students may use a testing center at any nearby college, university, community college or vocational-technical school. Fees vary from school to school. Feel free to find the center with the lowest fee in your area. Ask a representative at the testing center to complete the Proctor Agreement for you and return it to our office.


Co-workers, associates, friends, other students, family members and neighbors are not acceptable proctors, regardless of their education or corporate positions.
The completed form may be:
Faxed to 405-744-6992
Scanned and emailed to pat.mann@okstate.edu.
Mailed to A&S Outreach, 213 LSE, Stillwater OK 74078 (allow 10 working days to assure delivery)


How do I log in to my online credit course?(TOP)
To log in for Desire2Learn (D2L) courses
, go to http://oc.okstate.edu. Use your Okey ID and password to log in. If you are uncertain of your Okey ID or password, call the helpdesk at 744-4357, or email helpdesk@okstate.edu.


To log in for MUSI 2573, please go to http://www.icubedonline.com. You will use the ID numbers contained in your CD package that you purchased new for this course. For exams, log on to Desire2Learn using the above instructions.


To log in to POLS 1113, please go to http://thinkwell.com. Further information is on the CDs. For syllabus and other course materials, log on to http://oc.okstate.edu using the above instructions.


SPAN 1115 & 1225 will use two platforms. Coursework is located at http://www.VistaHigherLearning.com. Use that code combined with a code you will receive from Prof. Deveny to log in to the website. For a syllabus and exams, log in to Desire2Learn using the instructions above.


How do I find out my Okey ID and password? (TOP)
Go to http://okey.okstate.edu. Follow the directions to activate your Okey account. If you have any problems accessing the Okey account, contact the OSU helpdesk at 405-744-4357 (or 800-452-2787 8am – 5pm M-F). They will walk you through the process.


I’m having problems logging in to my course. Help!
Call the OSU helpdesk immediately! 405-744-4357. Do not wait, thinking it might get better later or tomorrow. It probably won’t, so call them NOW.


I can log in, but my course doesn’t show. What do I do?
Call the OSU helpdesk immediately! 405-744-4357. Do not wait, thinking it might get better later or tomorrow. Call them NOW.


Technical Support(TOP)
If you are unable to log in, contact the following technical supports immediately:

Desire2Learn – Call 405-744-4357 or email helpdesk@okstate.edu
Thinkwell.com – Call (888) 416-8880, choose option 3
icubed Online – go to http://www.student.connect4education.com/support/troubleshooting/login.htm
Vista Higher Learning – Call (800) 618-7375, choose option 3


If you are logged in, but having technical problems on the site, get in touch with your instructor right away. If you still need tech support, get in touch with these folks:

Desire2Learn – Call A&S Outreach at 405-744-5647 (800-452-2787).
Thinkwell.com - http://thinkwell.com/marketing/help.cfm
icubed Online – http://www.student.connect4education.com/support/troubleshooting/login.htm
Vista Higher Learning - http://vistahigherlearning.com/support/


FOR NON-OSU STUDENTS (or students not on an OSU campus):(TOP)
Setting up an Okey account:
Once your application/registration has been accepted, you will be given an Okey account. The Okey ID and password are your access code for most everything associated with OSU.

To set up your Okey account, go to http://okey.okstate.edu and follow the log in instructions. Once you are logged in you will need to change your password. At this page you can also find your Campus-Wide ID (CWID) and your OSU email address.

Student Internet Access:
You can access almost all student services by going to http://my.okstate.edu. Click on the appropriate link to log into email, or to access your D2L course, or for library information, or general campus information.

OSU Email:
All students have an OSU email address. Once your know your email address and password, you can access it by clicking the email link found at http://my.okstate.edu. If you prefer to use your home email address, you may go to http://okey.okstate.edu and forward any OSU email to forward.

How do I log in to my online course?

See the instructions above for getting your Okey ID and password. Then, go to http://oc.okstate.edu and log in. Or log in from http://my.okstate.edu.


How do I get my grades or a transcript?
Go to the Student Information System (SIS). Log in using your okstate.edu email address or your CWID. Choose Student Records for grades and unofficial transcripts.You may also request an official transcript on the same web page.


Forms for online credit courses:
Drop form
Proctor Qualifications
Proctor Agreement
Petition to Drop a Course After Deadline
Petition to Request a Refund After Deadline


Still have questions? Contact us!(TOP)
A&S Outreach
213 LSE
Stillwater OK 74078