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Deaf Culture


Enhance your understanding of deaf culture!

Deaf Culture

Monday, June 19, 2017
5:30-7:30 P.M.
Stillwater Public Library

However, registration is required as space is limited!


This non-credit, introductory class is intended for the general public.

American Sign Language has its own community and culture consisting of both hearing and Deaf people. The goal for this course is to introduce members of the hearing community to the history and culture of the Deaf community in America. The class will focus on landmark events in Deaf history.  Students will be introduced to the culture of the Deaf community on a local and national basis.

Topics include – Founding Members, American Sign Language, Deaf Education, Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants, Deaf Clubs, Interpreters, Gallaudet University, and so much more!

No textbook is required for this class.



Taylor Woodall-Greene

OK State QAST certified

Taylor is a sign language interpreter. She works at Oklahoma State University and in the community. She has been involved in the Deaf community since 2012.

Ms. Woodall-Greene’s bachelor’s degree is in American Studies with a minor in American Sign Language. She is a master’s candidate in International Studies with a focus on Human Development and Education. Following graduation, Ms. Woodall-Greene plans to pursue a PhD in Social Foundations of Education where her research will be focusing on both Deaf and hearing students and how culture and life experiences outside of the school setting impact education attainment.

At OSU, Ms. Woodall-Greene works as a teaching assistant for American Sign Language, levels 1-4, Interpreting Ethics, and ASL Linguistics. Starting in the fall of 2016 she will be teaching a section of ASL 1 along with colleague and lead professor of ASL and interpreter, Sandie Busby. Ms. Woodall-Greene also mentors students and future interpreters to assist them in becoming certified or to improve their certification. Ms. Woodall-Greene is working towards national certification as well.

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Logan Evans
Teaching Assistant

Logan Evans was born Deaf and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Currently he is studying Liberal Arts at Oklahoma State University as well as a minor in American Sign Language. Logan will pursue a master’s degree in International Studies with a focus on education. Upon completing his master’s
degree, Logan will work toward becoming an ASL professor at Oklahoma State University.

Course Supported By:
OSU Arts & Science Outreach & Stillwater Public Library

Students may wish to also register for Introduction to ASL, which begins the following week.

Exams and Major Assignments
This is a noncredit course, so no quizzes or tests. Grades will not be assigned. It is expected that you will actively participate in the class dialogues.
Prerequisites and Support Courses
This class is general appropriate for those 14 and up.

Policy on Attendance
Registration is required.  Seating is limited - so please let us know if you cannot attend!

If you have any disabilities and you need accommodation please contact Student Disability Services at 405.744.7116.

For more information
Christine Nichols
Program Coordinator
OSU Arts & Sciences Outreach
213 Life Sciences East
Stillwater, OK 74078-3017


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